Sunday, February 03, 2008

Well, do ya punk?

I was ministered to Friday and Saturday. By the least likely people I would have expected. They poured a balm on my heart just by listening to me talk and being passionate about the subect I was talking about.
They really got what I was saying. And I really got what they were saying.
I was talking to Little Ones parents.
And we were all talking about everyones favorite subject. Little One.
There are so many things that I'm not allowed to talk about that the silence is oppressive, but with these people, almost nothing was taboo. I was free.
And despite the fact that I don't know these people, in that moment we bonded and we knew each other. We found a bond based on not a thousand things in common, but one very important thing in common.

I began thinking about it throughout the weekend and I realized that it was a bond of love for Little One that drew 3 very different people into very candid conversation. I could have talked to them for hours. I look forward to seeing them again. All because they love someone I love.

And I realized...

That's what Christianity is suppose to be like.

Our conversations with fellow Christians should leave us feeling as liberated as my conversations with Little Ones parents have.

Here's the clincher though.

As parents, they've absolutely failed Little One. But they're trying.
If put to the test, I'd imagine I'd strongly disagree with the two of them about many things.
But those things aren't as important. For our conversations we're able to set those things aside. I'm able to remember that I've failed LO in many things as well and have only the fact that I too am 'trying' to look forward to.
So often, we find other Christians and our first instinct is to find out what denomination they are, what do they believe?
I know I do that.

And I did it looking for things that we agreed on.
And now, I think that's foolish. All those things are little things, almost petty when compared to the simplest test of all:
When I mention God, can I tell you love Him too?
That's enough to give us something to talk about. That's enough to pull to the surface all the amazing things Gods done, all the different ways I've grown in Him, and enough to pull a deep interest in all the ways you've grown in Him and all the things He's done in your life.
It's enough to leave you walking away from each and every conversation, appreciating the love in your life that flows between you and the Father, even more.
It's enough to make you excited about fellowshipping with anyone that loves God. Regardless of the stuff you disagree about.

So I don't need to know whether you're post or pre-trib.
Once saved always saved or pre-destined.
I don't need to know if you're for hymns or choruses or against instruments.

I just want to know:

Do you love God too?

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Anonymous said...

i really like this post!
and my answer is yes...i do love God.