Monday, February 18, 2008

Preaching to myself.

It was my first, and probably only sermon I'll ever preach. The text was from Mark 16:15
And the sermon consisted of two words.


It got repeated several times as just about every inflection you can put to the words was used. DO something, do SOMEthing, changes in vocal pitch, and intensity... I waxed eloquent for someone saying only two words.

Or at least I thought so.

Some time after my sermon rant, the old question of "What would Jesus do?" came to me. And the only answer I come up with is that He would change the world.
Yes, the question is about the day to day stuff, but it's also about the big picture. Jesus would change the world.
Christians, as a whole, aren't changing the world. We aren't even trying.
We're all working our 40 hr work week, making sure the bills get paid and hoping to be a good witness while we're at it.
Oh, and we go to church too.
Bully for us.

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