Friday, February 01, 2008


Sometimes, I wish I could forget everything I know.
I wish I could clear my head of all the information,
all the limitations,
all the ambitions,
all the innuendos,
all the ways something has been done,
all the right ways to say things,
all the wrong ways to say things,
all the needs,
all the wants,
all the obligations,
all the past concerns,
all the present concerns,
all the future concerns,
all the bills,
all the things waiting to be fixed,
all the errands needing to be run,
all the cleaning needing to be done,
all the ministries needing to be filled,
all the prayers needing to be prayed,
all the kids needing to be loved,
all the...

I wish I could forget it all.
And simply sit with God.
Not having to speak, or even think...
But just simply be.

You forget how quiet the quiet really is... until the quiet begins to speak to you.

1 comment:

Ted M. Gossard said...

I like your thoughts here. We surely need spaces of time, regular ones, as well as special ones that are like getaway times with the Lord.

Not easy though, and when I've been especially weak in the sense of really meeting with the Lord, it shows.