Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old words

I don't think it's vain to say that I've really enjoyed some of the things I've written in the past. I haven't written anything lately that really struck me, but some of my past entries I've really appreciated looking back on them. I read my blog more than anyone else ever will.

In looking at some of my page stats, I noticed one person got to my blog after googling "being a pentecostal" and it took him to this post: "
Being Pentecostal."

But it was towards the end of the post, I wrote a few paragraphs that gave me a little nudge. And I thought I'd share them again.

May I weep because I long to be in Gods will. May I weep because of the wickedness of my heart. May I weep in gratitude because of the goodness of my God. May I weep because He is indeed MY God.
I hope I never weep for a new car, new house, more money. Some things just aren't worth crying over.

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