Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Emergency leave.

So early this week I'm digging through a rather large stack of time cards, making corrections, putting peoples leave time in the computer, things like that.
One man, I noticed on his time sheet requested emergency leave because Christmas week his moms house burnt down, and he immediately went to Louisiana to help her put life back together.
He wandered past my office this morning and I stopped him, explaining that I'd read the comments on his time card, and asked about his mom. He told me she now has more things than she had before the fire. He explained that she's been a giver her whole life, that she raised him to treat everyone around you well, because you never know when you might need one of them, she also raised him to trust in God, and by the time he'd left she had a new house, more money, more stuff, and a larger outpouring of love than she ever could have dreamed. She was cheerful, and glad that she'd lost her home to gain so much.
I get that.
In the conversation though, suddenly this man moved from the doorway of my office and stepped in lowering his voice. He said he hadn't planned on telling anyone, but... then he proceeded to tell me of a heartbreaking event that had happened to his mom just a few months prior to this. As he spoke of how God knew exactly when she would need all this love, this brand new start, he said how sometimes God holds back to see what you'll do when you can't see Him there. To see how you'll live.
I wonder what He saw.


One Sided said...

A sister.

flyawaynet said...

I was referring to God.