Saturday, January 12, 2008

A grrrrrrrrreat post.

I wasn't planning on posting till tomorrow night... a girls gotta have time off ya know.

But then I came across this post... this post... wow. It just makes me feel better. Even the title makes me feel better. It's titled "What can miserable Christians sing? by Carl R. Trueman"

It's foundation is from the Psalms and how a large percentage of them are songs asking Where is God? why did He leave me? Chapter 74 of Psalms even starts out "Why have you rejected us forever, O God?

I'd forgotten about that. Entirely.

The very last paragraph washed over me and eased the outcast feeling of being the only discouraged Christian that's not trying to will my way out of it.

This last paragraph I'm about to show you...I want to make a point of saying that I'm not posting it because of what it says about worship. That didn't move me. I'm not saying yea or nay, I'm just saying it didn't move me. What did move me was the idea that there were more of me out there.

Anyway... The whole article is here: "What Can Miserable Christians Sing? by Carl R Trueman"

The last paragraph:

By excluding the cries of loneliness, dispossession, and desolation from its worship, the church has effectively silenced and excluded the voices of those who are themselves lonely, dispossessed, and desolate, both inside and outside the church. By so doing, it has implicitly endorsed the banal aspirations of consumerism, generated an insipid, trivial and unrealistically triumphalist Christianity, and confirmed its impeccable credentials as a club for the complacent. In the last year, I have asked three very different evangelical audiences what miserable Christians can sing in church. On each occasion my question has elicited uproarious laughter, as if the idea of a broken-hearted, lonely, or despairing Christian was so absurd as to be comical — and yet I posed the question in all seriousness. Is it any wonder that British evangelicalism, from the Reformed to the Charismatic, is almost entirely a comfortable, middle-class phenomenon?”


NaNcY said...

yes, a very good post.

this song came to mind with the question...

flyawaynet said...

Thank YOU Nancy. The site you linked to had some difficulties loading but I read the words and had to smile. You picked the song well.