Wednesday, January 23, 2008

He's an Obvious God.

I'm one of those people... those frustrating people... that in a crowd, if you point at me and motion me forward I'll look behind me and assume you're talking to someone else and never look back again so I won't be confused by the fact that you're still looking at me/my general direction and motioning.

So, that said... I'm glad God sometimes drops all the subtle hints and does everything but say my name.

My boss, the big boss in my department, just happens to be friends with the superintendent of the whole facility. The superintendent is the highest, most powerful voice in our facility. And today, while I sat at her kitchen table, she cooked me lunch. I admit, I chuckled at the places life takes you the whole way to her house.

And sitting there, at her table, the superintendents kitchen table, I kept thinking "For such a time as this." The words that always reference to Queen Esther having been placed in the palace for reasons unbeknownst to her. I couldn't get that phrase off my mind today, though just like Esther, I certainly don't have a clue as to what any future reasons for my working where I work are. Maybe one day they'll show themselves. But, all through the day and on the drive home, those words just kept ringing in my ears:

For such a time as this.

Then suddenly the radio guy - I have no idea what program was playing - but the speaker on the radio referenced to Queen Esther and said he wanted to tell us that we've been placed where we are for such a time as this. He went on to explain some things about our positions to us, and Gods plans, and he just happened to not use my name. But that was the only thing lacking.

I'm glad I serve a sometimes obvious God. One that not only can but sometimes will make His words so plain that even I can catch His drift.

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