Monday, February 18, 2008

Do you believe God heals cancer?

My friend Linda whose nephew Josh is still in a coma wrote me yesterday. It was a simple e-mail consisting of one sentence.
"My dad has cancer."

I wrote back, and while I can't broadcast everything she said, here's just a piece of the details.

"No, he's not in good health. He's a diabetic who doesn't take that seriously. He's at least 100 lbs overweight. He has circulation problems and blood pressure issues. He has chronic bronchitis and has to sleep with one of those breathing things that pump oxygen. But, he's one tough bird. He survived 2 tours of Viet Nam. He's 65.
The cancer is on his vocal folds. He has this recurring growth that get removed once or twice a year. It's been going on for several years. The doctor has said she's never seen anything like it. Every time she takes it off she biopsies it. This time it came back with cancer cells present.
Anyway, what I know is that the doctor is talking chemo first and then...........Daddy had to go and find out. His regular doctor is away until March. He's going to see her partner or replacement or something this week. I should know more, assuming I can actually talk to someone tonight after school."

She's a foster mom, who has housed two sets of 4 children and is currently on a set of two. She's going to grad school, and teaches math as her day job. She knows the meaning of the word stressed.
Her dad needs prayer, but ... just as much, she needs your prayers. Her family needs your prayers. Her foster children need your prayers.

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