Thursday, September 11, 2008

Basically detailed

I became a public speaker today. I'm part of the Human Resource department for my company and on Sunday the way all of the employees are doing their timesheets is going to change.
So, this week I've been working on preparing all of the information to pass out to teach people how to do the timesheets, sending mass e-mails to the 3 other facilities we handle, and then today, to cover all 300-something employees we have at our own facility we held 3 campus meetings at which I had to present the new information to them.

It was a great big day.

But one thing became a priority. Of all the information that they can use, there were key elements that were the absolute priority that they know and understand. I couldn't (or shouldn't have at least!) gone out there and just blabbed about all the timekeeping issues they could possibly have. I had to present, clearly and concisely ("had to" and "did" are two different things) just the information that they really absolutely need to know. Too much that they don't need would have muddled the issues. You have to tackle the basics first.

And all of that concentration on figuring out what was most important, and what topics would muddle the information giving the most - made me wonder about how we witness to people. When I witness, I tend to get caught up in the details, rather than giving you the basics. For the moment, forget the Trinity, spiritual gifts and doctrine on piercings and tattoos. Forget church policy and worship styles, and denominations. Let rest the 'church membership' questions, and different types of baptism and what your viewpoint is on when the rapture will take place.

Offer to people the basics. You're a sinner. Christ was Gods Son, sent to earth, to be a perfect, blameless sacrifice for your sins. He did His part and bore your sins on a cross, which bridged an unbridgeable gap between us and God. All we have to do is believe that, and ask God to forgive us and ask Him to live in us.
And He will.

Once you get that down, then you can start getting down to the details.

My work at work didn't end today though. Now I've told people how to do their time, now I actually have to make sure they have all the tools to do things this new method. As much work as 'informing' was, if I stop there not one single person will do things differently. I have to keep working and create their tools and then get them to the staff. I have to be open to loads of questions. And I do mean loads.

So whatever you do, for cryin' out loud, don't forget to give them all the beautiful details. Don't forget to tell them that there is a Holy Spirit that is available to them. Don't forget to mention gifts of the Spirit that can truly change their lives. And most of all, certainly don't forget to tell them that meeting God is great but that they can get to know Him personally, better and better, deeper and deeper day by day. That they can come to know the heart of God Himself.

Basics are great, but the deep fountain of joy unspeakable is in the details.


Spherical said...

As a 5th grade teacher, I constantly have to get my young aspiring writers to "include more details!" You just validated the issue!

Brother Marty said...

Long time no visit......but I just had to voice agreement with your post. As speakers we can influence the audience (congregation) at the time of the speaking...but your point about more details, more tools and follow up are fundamental to making what was shared in the speech turn into the desired actions afterwards. I'm so glad to know that you're now into public speaking. Do I see a pulpit around the corner?