Monday, September 01, 2008

So, the home depot lady...

...tried to give my kid to someone else.

I'm standing at the Home Depot aisle, trying to figure out what I need to get , Bell is standing a few feet away from me literally walking around in circles. She stops, and a Home Depot lady comes up to her and goes on about how cute, and 'do you want to come home with me?" and holding out her hands to see if Bell will come to her and let her hold her.

At the beginning of all this I stopped what I was doing and went to stand next to Bell. I don't know how to describe why I feel it's necessary to do specific things like this, but I believe, firmly, she always ought to know that I got her back. Even if she doesn't understand it.

So, I'm standing there, next to Bell. When the lady says, "well come on... come with me." She's motioning to Bell, and Bell toddles off after her while looking back at me. I put a stop to things because I don't want her walking off with strangers, even though her entire last two months has been about trying to help her get accustomed to strangers. I'm stopping Bell, and telling her that she should only go with people if I say it's ok and the Home Depot lady looks at me, the lady still beside Bell, and says "Oh, she belongs to you?"

She pointed three aisles over to some Hispanic guy and said she thought they went together and she was trying to give my kid to him.

Lesson learned.... don't turn your back on your kids. It might not be some pervert trying to hurt your kid, it could just be a mistaken but helpful person trying to do something good. Watch your kids. All the time. All. The. Time.


Anonymous said...

wow, strange happenings with the h.d. lady!

flyawaynet said...

It certainly felt strange when she said come with me and Bell went!