Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Seething Civility...

Ouch... it hurt to see myself.
Milton linked me to a blog that had this play linked on it along with the authors (Glen) take on it. I literally read it and winced. It's all about grace. Good grief. *sigh* Grace is too crazy hard.

Two old women finish their tea at a cafe in Lichfield. One holds the bill…

Anna: Oh, you. Now don’t be so utterly ridiculous.
Eva: I insist. I insist, my dear.
Anna: Absolutely not and I won’t hear another word from silly old you.
Eva: Well, I won’t hand it over.
Anna: You give it to me right now.
Eva: I won’t. I won’t, and that’s the end of it.
Anna: I can’t have you paying for this, can I?
Eva: You paid for the last tea.
Anna: And that was nearly a year ago, silly.
Eva: Exactly. Just put that wallet away now, you troublemaker.
Anna: That’s enough. Give it to me.
Eva: I’m going to pay and that’s that.
Anna: Then I’m putting some money in your purse.
Eva: You’re going nowhere near my purse.
Anna: I need to say thank you.
Eva: Then a simple thank you’s enough.
Anna: You know how I feel about this, dear.
Eva: Well, fair is fair.
Anna: I don’t believe it is fair, if you don’t mind.
Eva: Then you can take me out for a nice meal next time, can’t you?
Anna: This is my treat.
Eva: It is completely my treat and I want to pay. The end.
Anna: No. [Pause]
Eva: Now sit down. I’m just going to put it on my credit card and we’ll go on with our lovely afternoon.
Anna: Tell me how much it is.
Eva: And we’ll see the dahlias out in Biddulph.
Anna: I’ll sit right here then. I’ll just sit.
Eva: Well, you’re being silly.
Anna :You’re being silly.
Eva: I don’t want your money. A simple thank you is fine.
Anna: I’d like to give you some money.
Eva: Just say thank you now. Just say it.

Ok, now Click here to see Glen (From Christ the Truth) expound on the play. Really. If you're anything like me, only click the link if you dare.

HT to Milton at Transforming Sermons for this link to "Christ The Truth"

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