Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Getting your can to the table

It really did become a post unto itself - I wanted to share this as an actual post - I put it into a comment earlier and really wanted to see it be a post.

I had to laugh tonight as Bell and I walked through the supermarket picking up a few items. She had a can of chili, and a package of bologna in her hands. She worked VERY hard to carry them both but struggled most of the way.
Literally, at one point we stopped in the aisle for a minute and a half while she dropped the chili, bent over to get it and dropped the bologna, bent over to get it and dropped the chili.I enjoyed every moment of it. It's a post unto itself how much I enjoyed watching her try so hard.
She wasn't perfect, she wasn't good at carrying two simple items that I could have long-since just taken from her and carried myself - but ultimately, she was successful. And my crazy heart took so much joy in her success as she toddled over to the checkout and stretched to put her items on the counter that it could have burst.
It's not about perfection, it's not about doing it exactly right.It's about our ever present struggle, and drop, and struggle and drop, as we grow. Ultimately, God just wants to rejoice as we get our cans to the table.

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Anonymous said...

good one! :-)
God bless both of you.