Saturday, January 09, 2010

Always expect it.

Something interesting happened this week that really made an impression on me.

Every night I come home from work late, so everyone is usually in the kitchen eating supper when I get in. Almost immediately I hear the kids yell "HEY NET" as a welcome right after I open the door. They can't see me, but they're expecting that door to open so the minute it does, they give me a HEY. It's special. :)

But Friday, no one expected me to be coming home that evening. I was supposed to be heading straight to a friends house to babysit for them. But I needed to make a quick stop at the house to drop something off. Here's what's so special though...

I walked in the door, expecting to have to rush an explanation as to why I had to hurry out, and why I was there. I wasn't especially quiet, or sneaky. I just came in, went upstairs, came back downstairs, and out the door. Not a single person called out to me. The kids with their super-spy ability to catch whenever an adult is about to sneak something past them were completely clueless. Only one person later said they thought they heard someone come in, but they weren't sure.

And here's what I realized.

Sometimes you don't hear or see something, because you're not expecting it.

Sometimes God may be talking, but if I'm not expecting Him to speak out in a situation, I might not hear Him. Or when I do hear Him I might not realize it's really Him.

When you're riding the rides at a theme park, or buying the popcorn for your movie, when you're doing the dishes or going to your lunch break. So many typical, random, virtually nothing moments in our lives when we don't expect the Savior of the world to speak, or act. He might be. He might have done something incredible. And we just missed it.

So I want to live my life with baited breath, with anxious anticipation, with watchful eyes and a hopeful heart; listening, waiting, watching, expecting something amazing from God. Because if I'm watching for it, I might actually get an idea of just how often Gods' doing incredible things.
I don't want to miss it.
Expect God to do something. Expect God to lead you. Expect God to speak to you.
You'll find more than you imagine.
I'm certain of it.

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