Sunday, January 03, 2010

In need of a Godly advisor.

The subject has come up recently of joining the church that I've been attending.

I'm betwixt and between decisions for several reasons. The first is that I dread officially taking my membership away from the church I attended in North Texas. The second being that in 6 months I'll be moving again (in the SA area) but I don't know where yet, so it's entirely possible that I might not be attending this church in 6 months. And I have too much respect for commitment to just float my membership around to different churches.

At the same time, I hate the idea of just sitting around and enjoying the services I'm attending and not giving back and supporting the church physically for the next 6 months until I see what happens next.

I don't know what to do.

I'm in need of Godly wisdom, Godly advice, and I miss taking a trip to McDonalds with Godly advisers that will listen and offer counsel and pray. I miss it more than I can tell you. San Antonio has been wonderful and my changes here have been beyond my wildest dreams, but #1 on my list of things that I wish would change would be finding that Godly person to talk to, to tell me when I'm being wrong and stupid, and when I need to step up on something, and to help me see situations from Gods perspective.

So, if you have any advice please feel free to give it. But most of all, pray I find that Spiritual counsel here, and that until that counsel comes along that I would be especially attuned to God as He leads me along.


Terry said...

I'll be praying.

As I see it, no one really knows how long he or she will be anywhere. My circumstances may change. I could die without warning. So I would become a member of a church in which I felt that I could be of most service for as long as possible--even if I would be a member for only 6 months. I don't really see a problem with being a member for a short time if that's the time God allows me to be somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Here's my two cents worth, if you feel the church you are attending is where you'll be until you move, join it. Keeping your membership in a church somewhere else is just silly. I understand your feelings, but I believe membership is simply commitment, period. You need to be committed to where you are, not where you used to be.

Join, serve, grow and if in the end God moves you somewhere else, just do the same thing there!

God bless! - Louie

flyawaynet said...

I appreciate both of your comments. The sentiment that both of you had concerning this being where God has allowed me to be really cleared my perspective.
I need to BE, completely BE, where God puts me. Where ever that may be. How ever long I'm there.

Thanks for taking the time to say it.

Anonymous said...

There is a inspired comment floating around out there somewhere but I will try again. The most important thing is to know that you are a member of THE CHURCH, THE BLOOD BOUGHT, THE REDEAMED!! That your name is in the LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE. You are a charter member of FWC' your name can not be blotted out it can also be added some place else. We will not love you,pray for you anyless and this I think you know. My heart overflows with thankfulness at what GOD has done for you and where he has brought you from. To know beound a shaddow of a doubt that GOD loves you, but most of all you love him.You are only a missonary for him as we all are not knowing where he will call us next. Make the best of it you will always be ours. We love and miss you!!!
Pastors Steve and Layvon