Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Christian Life - by Jeanette

I'd like to begin by documenting my age. I'm 28 yrs old. By documenting that, I hope that helps you believe that I, too, understand that in 5 years time I could look back at this post and laugh at myself for my foolishness.

But I believe a lot of things about the Christian life. So here goes:

I believe you shouldn't be riddled with fear, you shouldn't be timid, stammering, weak-spirited, or easily turned aside.
I believe that you should continue believing even when the road is hard and questions aren't answered.
I believe you should continue worshiping and praising, no matter how you feel sometimes - just because you have the basic understand of how worthy of praise He is... even when you're mad at Him.
I believe you should have the courage to speak to others about Him at any random opening that He provides for you - even if it means you lose your job, your friends, anything important to you.
I believe you should work out your salvation every day before the Lord, with fear and trembling. Knowing that He is your only way to eternal life.
I believe you should leave your past exactly there. The past. The devil brings it up to hinder you, you must put it behind you; taking away only the lessons learned and the changes it's worked in you for the better.
I believe everything has a purpose. And that God will work all things out for good.
I believe that it is of vital importance that our daily conversation include the things of God. It is too easy to pass up opportunities to speak gospel truth to my niece and nephew, and keep my mind on worldly things. But talks of dating, standards, boyfriends and girlfriends, decisions, and how you live life and treat others should begin with Gods standards and His hope for us - rather than just right and wrong.
I believe you should be a full time, every moment of every day Christian. In whatever situation you find yourself, others should always be able to see the Life of Christ within you. Not the basic cranky-pants that they'd find in any one they meet even unsaved.
I believe you should be watchful of every word you speak. The Bible says we'll give an account for every idle word spoken, which is a promise that we take all too lightly. Two nights ago I said a bad word. I didn't mean to, it flew right out in the middle of a happy sentence before I knew what was happening. I regret it so much even two days later that I can't even tell you. My words are too important for me to allow the less than diligent ones out of my mouth.

I've been told repeatedly that I want rules, I want a list of do's and don'ts so I can just follow the list. And I admit I do live a rather strange life that is somehow extremely strict and yet overly happy and playful at the same time. But for me, it's not about a list of rules I've created for myself - it's a way of life. A way of living. It's a way of living that invites freedom, trust, good relationships. It invites hardships as well if it were lived out as fully as it is supposed to be.

If it were a list of rules, I never would have made it. It's like dieting, it just doesn't work.
But when you change your entire lifestyle, allowing only pure things, good things, noble things... it changes you completely.

God loves us.
If you have any thing you'd like to add to the list of beliefs, please feel free.


Bubalita said...

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Richard Mathewson said...

Well put. We are definitely on the same wave-length regarding God. I commend your straightforwardness! May God bless you and continue to shower you with His wonderful love.