Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I'm lying in bed rubbing vigorously at my eye. Something just fell in it I'm certain. I know something is there and my eye is telling me with every blink that somethings up. I get out of bed and trudge to the bathroom. I blink even more rapidly as the lights are far too bright for 4am. Then I spend 15 diligent minutes holding my eye open searching, periodically jabbing myself in the eye with my fingers and finally running water into my eye.
Nothing helps.
With a hand over my eye I trudge back to bed and hope that God's gift of tears will solve this problem.
6:30, I'm awake again. It's time to get up to get ready for work, my eye is still reminding me that something is there that doesn't belong.
7:45am I find myself at work, staring at my eye intently in the mirror. Finally I inform God that I don't want to spend my day blinking and staring red eyed at customers. And I tell Him that I know He can fix it. And that I can't imagine one good reason why it wouldn't be in His perfect will. And 8am comes around and I suddenly realize that my eye isn't bothering me anymore.
Only God is good. There is none, none like Him in all the earth.

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