Friday, September 09, 2005

I hate showdowns

I hate fighting.
My brother and his wife are about an hour away from handing a written agreement to my sis-in-laws former boss. They're demanding 2 weeks pay and her 1 weeks vacation pay plus a letter of recommendation. Included in the agreement is that if anyone calls to verify her previous employment there they won't say anything beyond what's on the letter of recommendation she is given.
They'll sue for wrongful termination (since she was let go with no write ups, no verbal warnings, no problems at all documented).
Maybe that's why I worry about getting married, the fear of the divorce fight is just too horrible to imagine. Going from friends one day to potential courtroom opponents the next.
Now I've got whole church full of people I'll be hiding from in Wal-Mart from here on out just so I won't have to figure out what to say to them.
I hate fighting.

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