Friday, September 30, 2005

Every need

My mom use to sing this old song called "Every need supplied" I can't remember all the words but it went something like this :
"I asked the dear Savior, what He had purchased for me when on Calvary He died...

... And He said Every need supplied. Every need supplied. Healing, cleansing, sweet peace inside, every need supplied."
I wish I could remember all the words right now, because I've always really enjoyed that song. And the thing is (though I know it's hard to imagine if you don't have a personal relationship with Christ) but the words of the song are so very true. Even more than true, because He doesn't just stick with our 'needs'. But fulfills the desires and longings of our hearts as well. I'm amazed at His love. Because I've never seen anything close to it here on this earth. His love is wholly unconditional. He started off loving me when I was living in sin and refusing to relenquish my own will to Him. I've never had a friend I could trust like this. I can't imagine going back to a life of not leaning on Him. It's just so wonderful to have Him there for me. To listen to me whine and complain and then have His Spirit quicken some word of wisdom in my heart. There's just nothing like it. I'm so relieved to have Him.
***If you don't have a personal relationship, or feel like something is missing please feel free to leave a comment and I'll be glad to introduce you to a friend who is better than you can imagine. He loves you now.**

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