Friday, September 09, 2005

Mini rant

Ok.... if you look back on one of my original posts you'll notice that I've recently discovered the meaning of the word 'edify' -to instruct, build- (or something close to that). So! Don't take this as just my critical nature coming out but simply as my attempt to instruct the world in general.
If you want a job, ACT LIKE IT.
Don't come in wearing your shorts and tank top to ask for an application for employment. And when you do ask for an application actually ASK FOR IT. Don't just walk in the door and stumble around waiting for us to ask what we can do for you. So often the people coming in our office will just stand there until we ask what we can do for them and then they don't seem to know the answer. Some will actually answer that they're not sure what they need to do. And they haven't even indicated they actually need employment yet. We do a lot more in here than just take applications for people that want jobs and so if you want a job, be forceful (but not pushy) and say what you want. You're looking for work and want to fill out an application with our company.
Alright - now you've got the application - what to do next?
We don't put questions on our application as suggestions of what we'd like to know. They're requirements. Personal references, job history, previous job duties, phone numbers, all things that we absolutely want the information on. We still need the information whether you know it or not. SO, assuming you've filled out more than one application in your lifetime, do you honestly not remember that companies want to know WHEN you worked with XYZ comp? Find out your information BEFORE you go to fill out the application. Because when you hand me an application that's half blank, and inform me that you don't know any of the rest of the information --- I've got a special file for it. And it's one that doesn't lead to a job.
I'm not complaining, I honestly am not personally invested in every person that comes in here looking for work. Because a lot of them are simply filling out the application so they can continue collecting unemployment. So I choose the ones I'll champion as wisely as I can. But I have a lot of work to do, and a lot of applications to go through without spending half my day trying to get YOU to complete your application (which is usually only done by asking you each individual question, and then helping you figure out the answer), or by tracking down the information myself.
If you want a job, be professional, and go get it. :)

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