Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My first case!

I'm a CASA volunteer, thankfully that was made final with my 'swearing in' ceremony last Tuesday. And on Monday I got to take a look at what might be my first case. Today I attended a PPT (Permanancy Planning Team) meeting where all the attorneys and case workers CASA and FPS included, and parents come in to talk about how things are going and what all is happening and what will happen next. It was exciting to be a part of it. I'm co-working this with another CASA lady that's working at FEMA right now so she's a bit busy. I'm looking forward to the opportunity.
I know I'm an idealist when I keep thinking to myself "what can I say that might make a difference in this family and get them on the road to recovery". I'd like to be able to say I sat down with the mom and dad and gave them a good ol' Dr Phil speech and their lives drastically changed. Ok - I already know - I've watched too much tv. Things aren't solved overnight, there are things like relapses and stubbornness, and worst of all laziness and indifference. It'll take time. But you'll just have to excuse me because I'm young and want to keep my rose colored glasses on just a little bit longer before I become jaded. ;)

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