Thursday, September 29, 2005

Good morning

It is a good morning. No, it is a great morning! It's chilly outside. I love chilly weather. Thank you Lord for Fall.
Anyway, that's not why I'm writing.
I'm writing because I've been thinking about the sermon I heard last night at church. It was about the ruler that wanted salvation from Jesus and had kept all sorts of commandments. But, when he asked Jesus about receiving eternal life, Jesus "beholding him, loved him" (that was pretty cool in itself), and then he asked the ruler to do the one thing he knew the ruler just couldn't bear to do. Jesus wants all of us. He's not going to kindly thank us for being willing to give up x, y, and z. He wants every single bit of you. So... what if God suddenly said to me "Stop looking at houses, I don't want you to ever buy one." Or "quit planning on foster care, because I want you to give that dream over to me". I might give things over, but I can't promise I'd have the best attitude about it. Just discussing the very idea has me trying to swallow a huge lump in my throat.
So what's your one thing? What if God asked you to shave your head? It may seem outrageous, but how many women out there would willingly pick up the razor at God's command? What if God said to give up cable? What if God literally said sell everything except a couple of sets of clothes and a pair of shoes? What if God asked something as simple as giving up reading anything that's not the bible? Are you seriously willing to do whatever? Or does our servitude come with conditions of us keeping our pride?

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Anonymous said...

hey there that is something all should ponder. I like it!