Friday, September 09, 2005

Morning is here

It was an exhausting night.
I spent the evening with my brother trying to cheer up the jobless. We had a movie "The In-laws" (don't waste your time...) and 'happy food' such as cheese dip, pizza and chocolate chip cookies. I would of brought ice cream but I didn't know her favorite flavor.
So we tried to cheer up.
After going home I was thinking back on the day and remembered that I'd done an odd thing that morning. I would guess that I always want God's will in my life, but yesterday morning I actually stopped praying for this and that and those and said, "Lord, let your will be done today and just help us all to deal with it". I don't know what I was thinking popping out a prayer like that... but seeing as that same day my sis-in-law loses her job and the entire family is going to be leaving our church, I'm inclined to believe that He heard my prayer. I'm going to have to be more careful next time. ;)

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