Saturday, September 17, 2005


Ever had one of those moments when you realize how truly happy you are? It's like there's just joy seeping out of me and it makes me just want to laugh. Thankfully I live alone or someone would find this a bit strange. I'm so blessed, and I can just feel God's love surrounding me. I'm so fortunate to know Him and to have the opportunities I've had. It makes every day exciting as I wonder where on earth He's going to take me next.
I was given the privilege to help out with the Red Cross today. I can't tell you enough how kind those people are. I kept coming at them with question after question and never once did they get frustrated with me or the people I was bringing to them. They just kept on. I'm so happy to of been able to be there today. One of the cities near here turned an old Hobby Lobby (God bless the Hobby Lobby owners) into a big store with tons of donations. People signed up with the RC and then received a referral for the Salvation Army and was then able to go grab a shopping buggy and get whatever it is they needed. The people in the area have been SO very generous. I was able to settle people into whatever area they needed to be in to get whatever they wanted, and then (gaining valuable experience in case I ever become a waitress) I was able to direct them to where they could get juice or water or some small snacks. There was a small stack of donated bibles that people were able to grab and take if they wanted them also. People were coming into the store to GIVE at an equal rate to those that were coming in to TAKE. If you ever start to think the world is a hopeless cause, just go visit one of the many shelters or donation sites around.

To whoever is reading this... I just want to tell you that God loves you. He really truly does. It's not just one of the many 'sayings'. It's truth. Trust in Him, you may be surprised a few times by what happens, but He is always in control and He will never, NEVER let you down.
I'm wayyy too long winded to have a blog. :)

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