Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just for the record

After paying a $ 300 dollar mechanic bill, and listening to the explaination of WHY they feel the need to mark up the cost of an alternator 60%!!! I've decided to become a shade tree mechanic. I have no tree, and no tools at the moment (though I am now the proud owner of a socket wrench collection) (at least I think that's what they're called). But, regardless of those setbacks, I am going to become a shade tree mechanic.
That's all.


J.W. Poteet II said...

Hello. I made a remark about near pointlessness would that translate comedically in a written form? Not this post specifically, but mostly the 4 A.M. thing. I have to say, I was laughing about that. Good thing it wasn't a weekend! Should I be commenting on another post here? I hate mechanics! Oh sure, I'm sure there's a good one somewhere, but I'll be if I know where. Anyway, I read the blog all the way through and it was interesting. I'll check in periodically.

Brigit said...

Hey, cool page I liked it. I hate getting ripped off too.