Thursday, September 08, 2005

Troubled times

I guess everyone starts a journal or blog of their events when something has actually happened. So, I guess I'll start off by telling you my event. It's not even my event so much as my families event. But, my sister-in-law works at our churches day care and was fired today. So she (and reasonably so) doesn't feel comfortable going back to the church. Especially since on Sunday mornings she and my brother and I all work in the childrens ministry. If they fired her because they didn't like her daycare work...why on earth would she be expected to continue the childrens church work? I can't imagine going back to a company I was fired from and doing volunteer work there. Can you?
Well, as an amazingly close knit (though odd) family, this news means our entire family is heading out the door. I'm not leaving in bitterness or anger or anything... just to support my sister-in-law. So we're all leaving. This is difficult and I wish there were some other way, but I just don't see it.
What's funny is, just last night our preacher preached on walking in love, and laying aside evil words (talking bad about people) putting away bitterness and speaking words of encouragment. So - being a naturally critical person - after I finished thinking about all the other people that could benefit from hearing a message like this, I realized that I needed to listen to a message like this. And I'm trying my best..... But that leaves me, well --- speechless.
I'm not an angry person, I'm just critical. I like to help people improve. And I'm usually stubbornly certain that I happen to know the very best way possible for them to improve. Unfortunately I just happen to forget to say things like "Good job" or "I appreciate you and what you're doing".... That leaves people feeling a bit short.
So, now I'm working on that. I will attempt to edify... Don't you wish someone were always around to edify you? I just looked up the word and it means to instruct or build up... maybe I wouldn't want people around 'edifying' me all the time. But actually I would. It's rare for you to find people in the world that actually want to help you, that see potential in you and want to help you grow into what God could have you be.
I wonder what's going to happen.

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