Friday, August 25, 2006

Life is too much - God is more than enough.

I wanted to ask for your prayers.
Yesterday I actually ended up at two different mechanics getting two separate problems fixed, and then I received word my mother had passed out and her body was seizing up with cramps like I have never seen before (and hope to never see again). I ended up scrambling to get my car back immediately and racing my way to the ER.

The official diagnosis is that mom had a heat stroke, but getting her back on her feet is made more challenging by her other problems. The gatorade that replenishes the minerals she lost being dehydrated, also raises her blood pressure (which she's already on medication for high blood pressure anyway). The biggest problem with her blood pressure raising, is the fact that she has alzheimers, and when her blood pressure spikes she gets extremely confused and there is no telling what she might decide in her head is happening or should be done.

Also, because of the type of work my father does, and the fact that my mom has always stayed at home, they do not have health insurance of any kind. I don't know about other states, but I know our Texas hospitals literally quadruple the hospital bill on patients that do not have insurance. My parents simply cannot handle the cost of any type of hospital stay. This ER bill is going to be hard on them.

Also, my dad has prostate cancer and is killing himself (probably literally and figuratively) trying to continue working so mom might have a small nest egg set back when he passes on. The problems are so many, but God is bigger. Please keep us all in prayer - a quick recovery and strength for both of them, a financial miracle, and wisdom as we all make hard decisions.

If you even say one prayer because you've seen this, I cannot even possibly express the depths of my gratitude.

Thank you,

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One Sided said...

I've taken the liberty to pass along your prayer request to a network of prayer warriors.