Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What's He to you?

I stood outside in the rain trying to figure out how on earth something as simple as changing a wiper blade could be so difficult for me. I literally ended up smashing the mechanics of the old wiper all to pieces just trying to get it off. The pictures on the wiper box telling me how to install this new blade had me wondering how on earth a person couldn't figure this out when they supplied pictures!
Finally, after about an hour, I gave up and I went to another source for help. Once there I was soberly reminded that humans aren't always there when you need them. No one really 'wants' to help, but as a general rule I can scrounge up help from others when it's important. But, again, there's no assurance that someone will be there at the moment that I need them.
But God is.
I returned home helpless, and reminded God of all the other things he's helped me through. He's helped me bumble through replacing spark plug wires, splicing together new wire for my headlight, replacing several headlights, and somehow unstopping a plumbing hassle that I still don't know how it was cured.
He's been my mechanic, He's been my phone technician, He's been my financial counselor, He's been my plumber, He's been the security guy that keeps me calm when I've seen someone in my backyard in the middle of the night, He's been my chauffeur driving me down the road when I've fallen asleep at the wheel. More than any of that though, He's been my friend. The only one I can turn to when I need to talk. The only one that sees me as I am and believes I can be better. He's so much to me, and every year He shows Himself even more powerful and capable to me.
If you're married, you probably don't understand how necessary He is to me. You have someone in your house. If you're stumped over some problem, you can tell them about it and get an instant verbal second opinion. Whereas I, well, God's never verbally reminded me to unplug the phone jack before trying to hack my way through the phone wires. And He never told me that plastic plumbing pipes would come apart when I applied too much pressure with the plunger. I make it from one chore to the next by simply praying God will teach me this newest skill before I break something too expensive or wind up shocking myself one time too many.
So I reminded God of all this, my daily need of Him and His wisdom. I reminded how He's always come through in the past.
Less than 5 minutes later I had finally successfully installed a new wiper blade.

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