Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Want or need

I was reading yesterday and in this book a little girl was frightened to be sleeping in a new house and was insisting on having her brother. She kept crying over over and over "I need Thomas, I need Thomas" and nothing else for quite some time would satisfy the little girl. And from there I began thinking about spiritual things.

We use the word need quite liberally. I "need" to go to wal-mart and get dish soap. I "need" to tell Jane about my new job. Do I view God as a luxury item that I "need" though in actuality I just "want" Him?
I want God, I want Him and all the benefits that come with Him. I want to be more like Him and to do what He'd have me to do.

At some point in my life, I've admitted that I'm a sinner and need His saving blood for salvation, that I can't make it to heaven on my own. But do I admit that in my every day life? I need God. I cannot take my very next breath unless it's in His will and He literally places it in my grasp. My brain will not function, nor will my eyes, ears or limbs function without His agreement.

But when I go to God, I choose today to remind myself regularly that I am going after something I need. I cannot go away empty, or without Him. I NEED Him and I must have Him.

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