Thursday, February 15, 2007

Clips from an interesting article

I've been scouring the net more intensely lately and that's why you're seeing so much activity all of a sudden.

I just stumbled across this article, I'm not even sure how at this point since I believe I got here through clicking a link, then another link, which took me to another link, which led me to this article. I can at least give you the link to the article - Click here

It's entitled "We can't do megachurch anymore." And the truth of the very first lines caught my attention

One day a preacher said to a friend, "We have just had the greatest revival our church has experienced in many years."

"How many did you add to your church membership?"

"None. We lost five hundred." —Brennan Manning,
The Ragamuffin Gospel

And then reading on...

God is doing something at Garnett Church of Christ that seems counter to what I previously thought God would do in a church. The Spirit, I believe, is teaching us that it's not about people populating programs but about God inhabiting every moment of our lives, most of which happens outside the walls of the church.

And we're learning that these church walls must come down.

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