Friday, February 09, 2007

Just a little bit of foolishness

I still feel like a kid. Even at 25 yrs old, if you asked me I'd shake my head and tell you not to listen to me, because I'm just a kid.

I packed my foster child off into a car with a CPS worker this morning, then a went to the store and picked up boxes so I could start the process of packing, so that I could soon move into a house that I'm purchasing. My name will be signed to a mortgage. A mortgage! Who in their right mind would let ME do something like this?

I can't tell you how strange it feels. I half expect that at any moment some older parental figure will pat my cheek and ask if I'm done playing now and then they'll send me back home.

I'm glad to grow up, I'm glad for the continuous change in my life and my heart. I'm glad to be able to take steps because it means that God has led me somewhere. I'm glad to know He sees a need for me in a place. Everyone has old stuff in their house that was one thought necessary, but now a few years down the road it only sits in a closet.

I don't want to be God's old stuff. I want to be used.

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