Thursday, February 22, 2007

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Once again, another link to a post. I've found more food on the internet this past month than the last 6 months combined. So here is a link to an article by Dan Edelen over at Cerulean Sanctum
I liked the post, and figure people don't always go to the links I provide, so I'm posting -what I think- is the best of the best in the article. Enjoy!

Fumbling the Torch
My mother’s generational wisdom should’ve fed me, but by the time I realized I needed it, she was too far gone to help. And I didn’t know I needed it because I was too lost in my own media-driven stupor. Because the generation before me was, too. It was all I knew.

In the end, the torch I should be passing on to my child resembles a paper matchstick.

All that wisdom—gone. When my parent’s generation dies off entirely, so goes heritage, at least for many like me. We won’t remember all the second and third cousins. We won’t know how Christ changed that one great-uncle. Those salvation stories won’t be repeated around campfires any longer. The Bible passages that changed a generation will retreat into the book, to be remembered no more. And the hard-earned wisdom gained through decades of walking with Christ will blow away like dust along with the folks who learned it through bloody prayer, but took it to their graves.
What a grievous loss!
I wish we could grab our old people by the lapels and beg, “Don’t die before you instill in us what you learned about Christ. If you’ve been to the secret places, show us how to get there, too!” Don’t leave our generation to reflect on what might have been!


One Sided said...

A lesson I have been teaching for years. I just wonder if you have thought to take your own advice?

Could someone else relay the story of your walk with Christ? Have you written donw you Christian history, your growth?

Nate said...

I'm really glad you found me again. I'm not exactly a PR expert, so I do things like vanish completely and turn up on another blog with no word to anyone. I've not kept up too well with the blogosphere since then, but I'm glad I am re-linked to your blog. Keep up the good work.

flyawaynet said...

Larry, I would have actually said that's exactly what I'm doing with this blog. Would you have further advice?

And Nate, my only complaint with all of your blogs has been that I wish you posted more often. But, I wouldn't trade quanity for quality any day of the week.