Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finding Treasures

I was crawling around some blogs this morning and happened across a blogger from the past.

Bob use to blog at a site called Gratitude and Hoopla, but he ended up closing it and I lost track of him.
His son, Nate, ran a blog called Eight Strings but after several several months of no posts I finally quit checking in on it.

Now I've stumbled across Bob who now blogs at "In the Clearing" and Nate blogs at "Into The Desert"

Finding Nates "Into the desert" this morning was like finding a radio station that only plays all your favorite songs. Nate asks the questions I want to ask and says the things I'm thinking better than I could ever write them. He's well worth reading, and links to both blogs are now posted on the right.
Check them out, it's well worth it.

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