Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My shelter

Life returns to semi-normal tomorrow. Today was spent staring at phone wires and prying things apart, scrubbing a lot and unpacking. It's been a good day.

My tv guy showed up today to set me up again, and he agreed with me that the previous owners of the house seemed to have some kind of disorder. The living room alone had 5 jacks set up where cables could run in, and there were at least one (sometimes two) in the rest of the rooms (they did the same with phone lines, except didn't bother putting them into the walls, so they just dangle from their stapled up wires). Cables were strung all around outside the house and he couldn't make any sense of it at all. It took about 4 hours for any sense to be made, but, in the end, I have tv again.

Unfortunately that probably means my productivity will take a sharp decline - I hope I'm joking.

I've learned a lot in the past several days, and I'm looking forward to hopefully posting it tomorrow. I don't want to lose these lessons. I've enjoyed them. But, alas! I must head home to finish make a dent in the unpacking.

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One Sided said...

A friend is fixing a HUD home. THe former owner seems to look for stud location by taking a hammer and striking the wall, the resulting hole was covered with an outlet plate. These were not at the same level nor even at the level you would have an outlet.
Odd odd odd, wonder what the folks who me in behing be will think of what I have done?