Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 1 - Faith

It's been a steady mention in opening and closing prayer during our Sunday School class each week that I thank God, that He loves us so much that He wants us to know Him, more than we want to know Him, and because of that we can trust that when we try to learn about Him, that He will help us.

We don't have to hike across Europe to find ourselves in Him, or serve 6 months in a Uganda orphanage, or even spend 3 months teaching a Sunday School class to find Him.
He's the perpetual 3 yr old that doesn't understand the concept of hide and seek and He's always popping up to make sure you know where He is, or giggling from behind the couch. Or better yet, He's the kid half hiding under the blanket on the couch, in plain sight.

He's a God that loves to get you, to twist your mind around the impossible. He's the God that talks through a burning bush for cryin' out loud. He's the God that brings you food by the wing of a raven. He's the God that plants you and your entire n a t i o n in front of a sea and tells you "Start walking into the water".

He's a wild, untame, powerful and amazing God who could have left the world exactly as it was. He could have rested on day 6. Perhaps He might have made some other type of animal that perhaps wouldn't disobey Him. But He wanted us. Even knowing the cost - He wanted us. He wanted to chase us and convince us of His love and greatness. He wanted to give us the joy and mind-blowing wonder of chasing after Him and gaining new revelations of His love and greatness.

He wants us.

That's why I don't have to worry about whether or not I'll find Him if I seek. The whole reason He created me, was so that He could be found.

He's good like that.

And I guarantee you He's worth looking for.


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