Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 9 - Faith to let it go.

I was close enough to the situation, that when the incident happened "Helen" stormed into my office to show me the evidence of what had happened.

I can't tell you the specifics, since it's not my story to tell - but I can tell you that if you ever feel the Christian urge to "speak the truth" to someone I'm pretty sure God doesn't want you to do it anonymously by leaving your little bits of 'truth' in their mailbox.

I touted the "let it go" idea. Given the situation, it seemed like the best idea. But the other idea that someone else offered was to imagine how pitiful and sad a person had to be to research the information in order to put it on paper for her to read.

After she'd come back to tell me she'd gained some peace from that idea... I couldn't help but feel a little discontent. It seems as though - even Christians - believe that the only way to get past an insult, or a challenge to our character, is to put the other person down.

And while I don't want to turn this into a 'have faith in yourself' post... I do believe you can have faith in who you are in Christ. You know your motives, you know if you're still in right standing with God, you know if the Holy Spirit is convicting you about some sin, or maybe even the very sin your latest enemy has made up against you.

You know.

And you believe in Gods ability to convict you of sin, and keep you from it, enough to know that if you really were sinning you would do everything you could to change it. So when you're faced with someone questioning your character - you can look at yourself, maybe even ask a few friends if they see any truth to the accusation, and then finding yourself innocent - you let it go.

This is faith in action in the day to day. It's the faith in the truth, and the Truth, enough to know if you're IN the truth. And if you are in the Truth then no lie, no accusation, can cause you to stumble. Or worry. Or be angry.

Letting go of it, rather than hang on and be agitated. It's confidence, calm assurance. It's faith. Deep down, refreshing, God-confidence rather than self-confidence.

Faith gives you the physical, mental, and emotional ability to let things go.

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