Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 5 - Faith beyond the walls I see

Lucy Pevensie opened the door to the wardrobe and found an entirely different world.

When she returned to her world and dragged her brothers and sisters to the wardrobe to see this enchanted place, she found only the back wall of the wardrobe.

She was teased, harassed and saddened to the point that she wondered herself if she might have dreamed it.

Till she went back.

The 2nd time, nothing they said, no ridicule or teasing could possibly convince her that the world she'd discovered wasn't real. It didn't matter that she didn't understand why she was only able to knock on the back panel of the wardrobe right then. It didn't matter that no one believed her.
Nothing else mattered.

She believed.

She didn't understand. But she believed.

It only took twice.

I love that reminder. I don't need to understand when I find myself discovering only coats in the wardrobe. I know what lies beyond. I know there's a world that I can't see, I know there's my very own Aslan somewhere beyond that no wardrobe wall can keep away from me.

God is who He says He is - who He's proven Himself time and time again to be - even when He says no to my pleas. He is who He says He is when money runs low, the washing machine breaks, the kids are failing school and you find out you're losing your job.

When you sought Him, and didn't find what you were looking for?
He's still the God that promises to be found.

When you prayed for a cure, and watched your loved one pass away?
He's still the God that heals.

When you've witnessed your heart out to the one person you desperately want to see saved and nothing seems to happen?
He's still the God that saves.

When your money is low and your cupboards are bare?
He's still the God that provides.

When you've tried to repair the broken relationship with your husband and the divorce papers arrive?
He's still the God that restores.

When your world doesn't look how you imagine a world that God inhabits could possibly look?
God is still here.

It's easy to tell God that He just hasn't been enough for you. That He's failed you, let you down, wasn't big enough, willing enough, or visible enough. Those are the times when you pound your fist at the back wall of the wardrobe cursing the mothballs and the coats.

It's up to you though, to keep going back to the wardrobe, and in faith trying to look past the clothes to a world beyond. If you give up - if you only look once at the wardrobe door - you're to be pitied. What a world - what a life - you've missed out on.

Because no matter how real the back of the wardrobe looks, Narnia, sweet beautiful Narnia, still lies behind.

Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. Jeremiah 17:7


Anonymous said...

thank you for the wonderful sharing.

flyawaynet said...

I've made two Chronicles of Narnia references in the last few weeks. Can you tell I'm going through the books again?