Thursday, March 05, 2009

Got advice?

I teach a Sunday school class. I know... after my last post you probably are wondering how great a class that would be... but I do. I'm assuming it's only because my church is desperate for people willing to work. I'm certainly not the bright role model these kids could use. But alas!

The youngest member of my class is 10, the oldest is 16.

I'm not weary in well doing where this class is concerned, but I'm not above asking for advice if any is available.

My kids - they don't have anything to do with God during the week. I tried to encourage memorizing scriptures and nothing came from it. And the most recent endeavor was to simply get them to read 1 verse a day. (The hope being that once you got the bible open, you might get a little beyond your initial verse - the original idea came from a post by Steven Furtick "Just do one").
In the last two classes I've taught since then I asked how it went and every single one of them informed me that they didn't achieve the goal. Matter of fact they didn't even do a single day out of the entire week.

We pick God up at the door, and drop Him off on our way out.

I'm praying my heart out for these kids, but in class, I haven't the faintest idea what I might could do to give them a hunger for God that would give them some hunger pangs during the week.

On the bright side, my own hunger is growing because I'm feasting more and more on Gods word during the week as my concern regularly grows for these kids.

So, I'm wondering if any of you have any advice as to how to grow hunger in these kids? In talking to someone else I was told that I can't make someone hungry. I get that - but surely I can do things that might make them want to taste, and that could develop into hunger. What those "things" might be, I don't know except to continue on in the scriptures.

You got anything?


Anonymous said...

my advice is to give them a that i mean to ask them what kind of things they like, what they are pretty good at. listen and listen some more, get them to talk about them selves and their interest, and get ideas of where that might lead in their future. give them a blessing acceptance and love.

flyawaynet said...

Thanks Nancy