Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 8 - Faith to not worry

It's easier to worry.
You might not enjoy worrying as much as just believing, but I guarantee you it's easier to just go ahead and worry.
Go ahead and ponder the 4 different scenarios that could happen, and how you can respond to them. To imagine that the lump is cancerous and brace yourself for chemo, or to imagine that the whole reason your boss wants to see you tomorrow morning is because he wants to fire you.

Yep. Easy as pie.

But that's the great thing about faith.
You see, with faith, the worst can happen and you're still ok.
The job can go away, the treatments can take place, the divorce might finalize, and the check might bounce.
But God - He's still God. He's still big enough to see you through it.

All you really have to know is that God is who He said He is.
Then let it go.

It's been working for me since the start of this little challenge for myself. My blog was full of worry and doubt. And if you think my blog was getting crammed with it, you really should have been in my head.

Because doubt is better than rabbits at multiplying. First you doubt 1 thing, 1 time, then 5 things, then 23 things, then the next thing that you know you start counting in terms of what you still believe in. Everything else is up for question.

But for this challenge, those words, those thoughts have been banned from my blog and I'm censoring myself and my mental conversation as well. And just as doubt begets doubt, so does faith beget faith.

I'm more at ease than I was 8 days ago. More calm. Less... well... let's don't go there.

Much like yesterdays post mentioned that flippancy kills/deadens... worry does the exact same thing. Worry hurts you. Worry fills your head, your heart, it even causes physical problems with your body.
But when I looked up the word 'faith' in the bible I found several sentences repeated:
"Your faith has made you whole."
"Your faith has saved you."

Stop ripping yourself up with worry, and let go and just let God work. It might not be as easy as giving yourself an ulcer worrying about things you can't change... but as I said... it's certainly more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

your faith is catching.

flyawaynet said...

That's the nicest thing you could have said. :)