Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2 - Faith in my Friend

When is the last time you gave God something crazy?

I remember specifically a huge breakthrough a few years ago where I told God something that I didn't even want to admit to myself. And there He was being all Big and God-like and He took it.
He didn't send me to the wilderness as punishment, kill my firstborn (though technically I don't have a first born) He didn't even give me car trouble as some type of payback.

He just took it.

And yet still, crazily enough, I have trouble saying things out loud to Him sometimes. In my heart of hearts I know it's just me though, because He's proven, time and time again that the blackest of my sin, the biggest of my failures, the most vulgar of my faults, He's not surprised, overwhelmed or put off.

He can handle it.

I might not always be ready to step closer, or deeper in my walk with Him, but I believe that I could.
And every - single - time I'm better off for it.

He's the ultimate friend. A deep friend. Never a surface friend.
Some friends only come out for the weddings and birthdays.
Some friends only come for the funerals and hospital visits.
But Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He celebrates with me, He comforts me, and He soothes me.

When I let him.

This walk, has never been about how much I can have of Jesus. It's about how much I let Jesus have of me.

And how much better off I am for every ounce of myself I've trusted into His care.

He's proven He's trustworthy.
He's proven He loves us.
He's proven He's strong enough to carry us through.
He's proven Himself over and over again. Patiently. Powerfully. Personally.
He's not standoffish.
He's not unapproachable.
He doesn't even play hard to get.
He's an eager friend.
And He is the best friend you could ever hope to have.

Do you know what it takes to be His friend?

All you have to do is believe Him. James 2:23

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