Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog Walking 3

Here we are again, a day late but all the dollars are here. Especially since this is a free service. :)

Kids are getting settled in, I've practiced my frequency words with TC like a good little mother, and had small little precious strapped to my hip all evening long as she recovered from her very first day of daycare. I got firm with an outburst and it went away. I feel peaceful. Tired, concerned about "getting it right", but peaceful.

And now, after that little new "kids are here" sentiment, let me share the great blog posts I've found this week!


The Slavery of False Liberty - by Jeff Weddle @ Anti-Itch Meditation. - “Our willingness to suffer for the sake of the perception of freedom is remarkable.”

The Lords Army Episode 3 - Jeff Weddle @ Anti-Itch Meditation - Short little cartoons with a spiritual hit on Christianity at it's weakest.

Walking in the Light (Without a Spotlight on Them) - Terry Laudett @ A disciples thoughts. -He's in Oklahoma... I'd love to attend his services one day if things like this go on. It honestly makes me want to hug one of them then go eat at their house. I've never seen a church actually operate like this. I want it.

Can You Help Raise The Dead? - Royce @ Grace Digest (But I found it on Miltons blog Transforming Sermons)"What is your church doing in the community, or around the world, that could not be done just as well by a good civic club made up of non-Christians?

A near life experience - John Acuff @ Stuff Christians Like.... sooooo it seems like I'm going to refer you to his serious Wednesday post every single week. I'm telling you, they're good. :)

He Rejoices Over Us - Josh Etter @ Of First Importance - just a quick good quote.

What is a Man? - Terry Laudett @ A Disciples Thoughts - AMEN! I've wanted to write that post for a very long time but, ehem... being a female it kind of makes it a bit less powerful, plus I wouldn't have written it as clearly as he did. Please go read this one. As an unmarried female, let me tell you I'm still single because there aren't many "men" around. And I've watched too many other women married to guys that are not men. Go read it.

Pauls Prayer in Ephesians 1:15-23 - Gunner @ Raw Christianity - He takes a verse of scripture, turns it into Q & A, and leaves me loving Pauls epistles far more than I did before. He's done another one since then, and his posts are usually good (sometimes a bit too Masters in Theology for me to keep up, but good).

God is gracious.


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