Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't be content with wine miracles.

It was Jesus' first recorded miracle. He made water into wine. Pretty cool miracle. I'm sure the hosts, the servants, and everyone else who knew the story were duly impressed and in wonder.
But do you know what happened from that miracle?

Some big important man of the feast said to the bridegroom of the feast, "Hey, most people serve the best wine first, but you served it last."

Excuse me, but... big whoopee.

And actually, my earlier statement isn't 100% accurate because later on in that same chapter it mentions that many believed when they saw the "miracles that He did". So, while it sounds like there was more than 1 that day, I won't say that this whole water/wine thing didn't sway people as well. It'd sure sway me if I was on the fence.

But honestly, He made a beverage.

I don't want to discount miracles, even the small ones because goodness knows I've needed a thousand small miracles and God has come through for me in ways I was surprised at. I'm sure this bridegroom was ever so thankful that Jesus performed a miracle that saved his little mini-crisis of running out.

But I think it's time we expected something bigger.

Because the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in us.

WE can see the dead raised.
WE can see the deaf hear.
WE can see the blind see.
WE can see the lame walk.
WE can see the sick healed.
WE can see the very sun stand still.

Every time I get this familiar longing in me to see something, to go deeper, to experience the Holy of Holies in a greater fullness than before it never fails that there'll be a message come forth in the church service that almost seems to be directed right at me. And it's always the same:
You have free access to the throne. What is stopping you?

And I want to stomp my foot and scream "I DON'T KNOW!"

I honestly don't know what stops us. I've sat in attendance at funerals praying the dead will rise, and I've sat at the bedside of sick children just praying a fever would go down. Occasionally I get a result but only on small scale. Trust me when I say I would have blogged if dear old Sister Harp had popped up out of her casket. You'd have heard.

There is more to be had. Yet so many of us are just happy with "the car started!" and "the washing machine didn't spew this time!" or "I paid the water bill!"

All great. All good. All gifts of assistance to us in everyday ordinary practical needs.

There is more to be had.

So I want to encourage anyone and every, to be willing to be scared to death. Steps of big faith create bigger faith. Quitting that job when He tells you to - even though it's a rough economy and you don't know what you'll do, will scare you.

Moving away from your family and friends when you have no job lined up? Scary.

Committing that large sum of money when you don't think you can actually afford it? Scary.

Walking away from a live-in relationship when don't know where you'll sleep that night? Scary.

Going into a hospital room and not praying that the person will feel better, but commanding by the power of God that the person be healed? Stinking overwhelmingly terrifying.

But it's doubtful you'll ever see the big miracles unless you're willing to operate using only the substance of things hoped for. Faith.

At some point in your Christian walk - and if you've been a Christian for any amount of time I'd be willing to bet it's already happened at least a few times - God is going to point you in some direction that doesn't sound sane. In the past, you may have shrugged it off simply saying "Well that's a crazy thought!"

Listen next time.

Do it - even if you feel ridiculous or your friends and family think you've taken leave of your sense.

God can do incredible things with willing vessels.
(A.K.A. Crazies)

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Roshelle said...

I love this quote from you...

"Do it - even if you feel ridiculous or your friends and family think you've taken leave of your sense."

It made me chuckle. Thanks. Good thoughts in this post.