Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A better moment

Ok, I'm taking a special moment out of my busy day just to tell you something GOOD, since I took all that time to tell you something bad earlier. After I get off work at my regular job I went to the newspaper warehouse to do my usual cutting off toppers. The boss gets back his money on all the papers he doesn't sell, so I cut part of the top (with the date) off the newspapers so he'll get his money back. It's just an extra little thing I do (besides having a regular route, AND a regular job, too bad I don't have anything to do eh?) anyway... I had a point.
This evening I went to go cut those toppers off, and EVERY single time before, I've had to spend 30-45 minutes just cleaning off my table so I can actually WORK on my table. Everyone comes in and just dumps their papers on my table haphazardly, so stuff spills everywhere and makes a huge mess. So before I can work at my table I have to clean things up. It sounds like I'm complaining again doesn't it? I should hurry on to my point I guess. Today, I went in to cut those very toppers off, and all the papers were stacked neatly in the little piles they're suppose to be stacked in. A usually hour long project took me 30 minutes. My work was quick, and light. I didn't have to spend another 30 minutes ranting about how inconsiderate everyone is, and threatening to do the very same to THEIR workspace and see how they like it and....I'm losing the point here again aren't I? Point is, sometimes, even the people you've grown to expect to not give you any thought, give you a little thought. And when that happens, it's like a breath of fresh air that helps you keep going one more day.
So, even though only one of them reads my blog, THANK YOU PEOPLE, all of you, for making at least one day of my life just a little bit easier. I really do appreciate it. See, not complaining! :)


Dazzler's Domain said...

Great Jeanette, way to keep up a postivie attitude :)

God bless

J. W. Poteet II said...

*looks at the ground*...*kicks invisible clump of dirt*...*shifts uneasily*..."*clears throat*...Um...Well...I'd just like to say...that is...well...I just wanted to say...that is...well." *nods*...*walks away sheepishly.