Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hilariously off-kilter

Good morning guys, in my usual scanning of the internet every morning I found this and wanted to share it. Just so you know I found it at MSN under the heading 10 inspirational tales.

Spring in Minnesota is often gray and full of slush, and that was how my mind and heart felt at that moment. I was swamped in midterm papers and cursing the cold that lingered at the tail end of winter. Anyone who might have seen me trudging the few blocks home from the university library probably grimaced at my sulking, sour face. "College students!" they might have said. "Always complaining!"

As I neared the last crosswalk before my block, I looked up from the cracks in the sidewalk. Cars were stopping … waiting … then slowly moving forward. But just a few seconds later, a bright red sports car came zipping up to the stop sign in front of me. I looked, froze completely in mid-stride, and squinted again at the car.

In the driver's seat, reclined back and grinning radiantly, was a nun!

She rolled up the sleeves of her habit, shifted gears, and cruised away down the road. I stepped forward into the crosswalk, following the blaze of red with my eyes as long as I could. It was only after I crossed the street that I realized I was laughing out loud.

That's who I want to be! A nun in a sports car. Someone so brilliantly off-kilter, so hilariously unexpected, that those around me can't help but find themselves waking up from their half-asleep lives. Whether I am sketching cartoons on restaurant napkins, line dancing on a street corner, or singing in the grocery store, I want to be the spark and the flare of joy in someone else's day—friend or stranger.

Yes—I'm going to be the finest joy maker in the state. Bar nun!


J. W. Poteet II said...

I'm more like grouchily off kilter. I wake people up and make them go, geez, why won't that guy shut up! Why couldn't I have been born off kilter in a funny way??? So, to the obliviots out there...Mozzel...good things.

Candi said...

I have been reading and reading your blogs. I love this one! Your middle name is Love-Joy right??? That is perfect for you! I feel like I am getting to know you a little bit. I think I like you quite alot. In fact, you are the type I could easily call friend. :)