Sunday, December 18, 2005

Do I love like you do?

If I said I loved you - YOU specifically reading this right now, whoever you are - and was going to sell all my possessions (house, car, job, family, all the amazing amounts of junk IN my house), and I was going to give you the money for it just so you could get out of debt, go to college, pursue your dream job finally, whatever it may be - would you really think I loved you? Especially considering the tiny detail that I don't KNOW your name.
And, if I were truly passionate about it and made every attempt to get to know you, left you notes about myself and tried to call you regularly, wanted to visit, wanted to know all about your life, your hopes your dreams. Just wanted you to talk to me. Would you believe I loved you?
What if I continually kept adding new things to the original gift of all my possessions? What if I happened to save your kid from being hit by a car? Or what if I dedicated my life to finding the cure for whatever disease your loved one has? Would you believe I loved you then? Or would you just think I was crazy?
What if I told you I already had done those things and you just refused the money, and refused to believe that I was the one that saved your kid from the car, or came up with that cure. What if I told you that I HAD been calling you, and you just didn't answer the phone since my name wasn't on the caller id?
What will it take to get you to believe me?
What if I told you I was God?

As I wrote this, I pondered that my blog is mostly geared towards Christians, and one would think they already understand God's love for them. But then I remembered all the Christians I know, and I remembered my own doubts, and I wanted to post this anyway. God loves you, even if you're already saved, remember His love and bask in it. Love Him back and let Him into your thoughts and dreams. He already knows them, but He wants you to give them freely to Him. He's trustworthy. As Christians we all say we've given Him everything, and that we trust Him. But when push comes to shove, we rely a WHOLE lot on our own power and strength than we do His. He's trustworthy. He loves you. And He can handle whatever it is. Trust in Him.

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