Thursday, December 29, 2005

God loves me

I'll try to be brief, even though I'm sure by now after reading my posts you all know that is very hard for me. But yesterday, while checking my bank balance, I discovered a bank error in my favor for $100.00 Now that's awfully nice, but I called the bank and told them what was going on and they took their money back after confirming it. So, I'm working on trying to find the money to buy a camera. A way cool digital camera. My parents gave me one for Christmas, but played their own version of "Lets make a deal" before I opened it. They said if you never open the box, you can return it, add a bit more money to it and get a better one. So, say for 100 bucks more I could add to it and have a much better camera for only 100 bucks. Anyway, so the one I want was going to cost me $253 + the money back from the other cam. So I'm driving home from church, and I think about my change jar at home. So when I get home I dump out all my change jar and start counting. My grand total was $99.84 Just 16 cents shy of the 100 bucks the bank took back. So I'm considering how an all-knowing God could of somehow missed getting me that 16 cents. I decide to scrounge through my house, surely there's 16 cents somewhere in all this place. As I'm walking out the door, I discover a whole other change jar, just FILLED to the top with change. I believe we've found the 16 cents.
THEN, when I went back to actually get the camera, I found a slightly cheaper way to do it so now I only have to come up with $117.99
I can handle that.
God loves me, so much that an Almighty Creator of the universe, would see fit to bless me, with the stupid things that actually make me just giddy happy. How awesome is it, to have someone in your life that knows you so well, they know the exact thing necessary to make you happy? or wiser? or more capable?
God is truly good


J. W. Poteet II said...

Got a question for you. Don't know how to phrase it so that I don't sound like...well anyway. You believe that God made this happen. Ok, well what about when things go the other way? For instance, my entire week of car troubles and lying thieving mechanics. Is this God also? Where is He when my car won't start? Is it possible that you found all that change because you saved that change in a jar for months until you needed it?

flyawaynet said...

I see what you're saying, but let me ask you this... would I of thought to count that change? Would it of come to the amount I needed? And even if the answer is Yes, without God, would I of saved that much change by that certain time? without God would I of even saved my change?
I'm struggling so hard with my money because I want more and more to be a good steward of my money. I want out of debt, I want savings, I want to be the faithful servant that invests her Masters money so that He will get a return on it. Because, it is quite literally, His money. If you don't believe that, then just watch how quickly He can take it away! As you've seen with lying thieving mechanics. Some sent me an e-mail recently stating that whom the Lord loveth He chastizeth. And it pretty much said, we reap the consequences of what we sow. For you, personally, I have no idea. Maybe these are the consequences of buying that particular car. Maybe you bought it out of desperation without trusting blindly that God would indeed provide. OR, maybe He's just testing you. Trying to challenge you with trial after trial, until He finally purges whatever He wants out of you. Or maybe, the devil's just mad at you. I have no idea. You ask because you wonder though. And let me tell you simply this: God loves you. It's a love like none other, but you can lean on it during any and every struggle you come across. Including this one. Do it, James 1:2-8