Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The useful without love

Ok, you're several posts behind now, because while I was blogging things in my mind, I wasn't able to get to a computer. So one mental blog posting led to another and so let me catch you up.

Ok, the first blog post was going to be a long-winded comment about how the story of Rudolph the rednosed reindeer taught me a lesson. It's hard to be useful when people don't love you. I'm useful to family and friends because they call me when they need help and I help. So thus I'm useful. When is the last time someone that didn't know you, like you, love you, called you and asked for assistance so you could be useful to them? Well Rudolph was not only unloved (by the stories account) he was made fun of, and laughed at. But somehow (in the story) he became useful to a whole world of people. (I KNOW it's just a story, bear with me). :)

The second blog post was all about how someone that didn't even know or like Rudolph saw a talent in him. Saw a special ability that would be useful to them. When is the last time that someone looked into your life, and, while they cared nothing for you, they saw you had a special talent that could be of use, AND then proceeded to give you a way to use that talent? And, how cool would that be?

The 3rd post was all about how that's kind of what Jesus does with us. Except, He gave us all the gifts and talents we have and so He knows exactly how we should be using them, and if we'd just let Him work in us, and follow His path to using our talents, we'd be so much happier. Then, the post was going to go on a long-winded tangent about how the only time we generally try and get help from someone that we don't love, someone that's a stranger to us, is if we're desperate. And that's often how we come to God. Many don't love Him, and so they ignore Him right up to the point that they're desperate. They're on the side of the road broken down, just wishing He would come by and fix it. Or, more like it, they're by the bedside of someone they love, and they're just wishing He would come by and fix it.

Ok, and now for todays post...

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