Friday, December 23, 2005


I'm not going to be blogging much till after Christmas. I'll probably be back in on Tuesday. But I've discovered an incredible blogger, he's already been linked to in my sidebar, but I'm going to link to one of his past blog articles. I also want to share a paragraph of it with you just so you see why I like this guys writing so much. He writes things that I want to think. I guess that's why we do anything is that it fits our own little groove. Anyway, here's a paragraph but please take time to read the whole article.

Take note: The way you speak to God does not only reveal the quality of your relationship with Him; it also betrays your real theology. I wonder if the way I ask God for things makes Him look like a penny-pincher. I wonder if my praise sounds like polite applause from an audience that's applauding just because that's what audiences do (thereby communicating that the character and works of God are neat enough for subdued clapping but not deserving of an eternal standing ovation and a cry of "Encore!"). I wonder if my confessions are more like petty apologies for being five minutes late than gut-wrenching pleas for pardon to a father whose son I murdered.

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