Monday, December 12, 2005

He loves me He really loves me!

OK, I have to tell you this because it's just one of those amazing things God does every now and then.
My niece and nephew were SUPPOSE to be sleeping on my couch last night, long story short, I woke up and my nephew had tried to open my ONE Christmas present, and between the two of them they'd taken apparently a lot of my ornaments off the tree. There were little fistfuls of ornaments just set on little nooks of branches, and I picked up about 8-10 off the floor.
Now, I wasn't too upset about the whole thing, though I don't have a CLUE what they were thinking, but I was a bit disappointed. Anyone that has ever decorated a tree pretty much knows, decorating a tree isn't a fun task you'd willingly take up more than once a year. The joy generally comes in looking at the tree later. So I went off to work thinking that I really didn't feel like decorating my tree again. But leaving it looking all scruffy didn't seem quite 'in the spirit of Christmas' either. Then, on my lunch hour, I head home to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer (I'm a busy gal ya know!) And on my front porch is a package.
I go inside and open the package. Inside the package are pre-Christmas gifts some online friends had sent me. It was a box full of home made ornaments, some fragile glass ornaments, and several very fragile glass balls. The first thing I had to do was stick them on my tree. I've put everything but the balls on the tree now. And I'm looking forward to a quiet night at home where I can finish re-doing the tree.
The point of all this is, God knew my need would arise before anyone would of imagined such a thing happening. And it wasn't even a huge deal, just one of those things you know? But God, in His really amazing mercy to me, put a little bundle of blessings right on my doorstep, the day it would be the most useful. It could of showed up yesterday, or next week, and it never would of had as much meaning as it did today.
Father, I thank You, with humble, heartfelt thanks. Not for Christmas ornaments, and not even for the friends that sent them (though I'm very grateful for those as well). But mostly I'm grateful that Your amazing love, allows You the King of the entire universe, to consider me and my happiness and my small joys as well as the great joys. Thank you! and, I love you too.
In the holy name of Your Son, Jesus Christ - Amen.

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