Saturday, December 31, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia

I'd officially like to add my voice to those talking about Chronicles of Narnia. Especially since most of the voices I've heard talking about it, didn't like it. I loved the books, absolutely loved them. Read them over and over and over. And I still liked the movie.
It seems, people are disliking it because it doesn't follow the book 100%. And I"m ok with that. With all the bad garbage movies out there (especially the supposed 'family' movies that like to put in bad words in a way that makes kids want to copy), I'm thrilled to watch this movie. I could watch it with my niece and nephew without fear of what's going to be said, and ALSO, I'm more than happy to do what I can to let them see that a lot of it is a representation of Christ.
Just a while back, I put up one of those weird personality test things that showed I came out as Aslan. I was awfully proud of that, until I watched the movie. Nothing against Aslan, He is/was wonderful, but Lucy... that's who I'd like to be like. Her energy, and absolute sense of adventure, her ability to forgive wholeheartedly, her stubborn loyalty to her friends and what she's decided is 'right'. Even though you kind of thought she wasn't grasping the whole concept of "you, um.. could get killed doing this" I kind of think she would of done the same even if she was aware of that.
I wonder if it's possible to be a tough Aslan, and an adorable Lucy at the same time?


J. W. Poteet II said...

I'm mixed on this movie. Overall, it was a pretty good movie, but there were completly unnecessary changes to the story. The ones that irk me the most almost completely remove the obvious fact that Aslan is a symbol of Christ. Shocking that Disney would do that! But there was a lot of good to it. Overall, I'm somewhat disappointed by it.

flyawaynet said...

Ok, but think of it this way. You've got funny kiddie movies that are a hit, even though they use bad language and stupid sexual inuendos. No one speaks that ill of them because it wasn't based off a beloved book that we don't feel they did justice. MEANWHILE, we've got a really terrific movie, amazing story, with a message that IS there, even if difficult to find. And all we can say is, "I'm disappointed!" I refuse to say it.
Families out there are going to choose a movie, they're going to hear kids singing "I like to move it move it" about Madagascar (no longer welcome in my home), and parents saying "I'm disappointed" about Narnia. Which do you think they'll take their kids to?

Jamie said...

I absolutely LOVED the movie. I haven't ever read the books, but, as it almost always goes, the books and movies just dont' match up 100%. Great movie!!

flyawaynet said...

Hey Jamie :) Thanks for commenting. If you like to read at all, I can't imagine you wouldn't absolutely love the book series also. It's even more stirring than the movie, and.. heh you don't have to wait a year for the next book :)