Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The spirit in which we face it...

I've recently experienced the worst day of my life. It was my fault, because once I decided it was ok to have a bad attitude, things just spiraled down from there. It wasn't anything horrible that happened that day, I was just too tired to face it. I was woke up at 3am Monday morning and asked to go back to work again (when I'd begun to actually hope that horrible section of my life had ended!) and I was so very disappointed, and tired. Tired is next to the love of money as the root of all evil if you ask me. I've never felt that angry, upset, sad, disappointed, discouraged, hurt, frustrated, and the list could go on, but I can't think of any more of the emotions I felt yesterday. I spent the afternoon crying and trying NOT to cry. And I don't cry at least not from bad moods, and certainly not in front of people. My co-worker, Lisa, wonderful that she is she called the florist shop and had them send me some balloons and a coffee mug filled with chocolate candies. A little note that said "things will get better". She's wonderful. I think she and my mother are the only two people I didn't spend serious time ranting or crying about yesterday. I discovered what wonderful friends I have, as she sent me that, and another friend online sent me virtual flowers. I'm truly too blessed to be so childish to have the mood I had yesterday. But that knowledge still didn't change my attitude I'm sad to say.
But, all that said, this morning I looked at my "Positive Quote of the Day" I found this:

I find that it is not the circumstances in which we
are placed, but the spirit in which we face them, that constitutes our comfort.-- Elizabeth T. King

I believe she wasn't meaning to talk about the Holy Spirit, but as a Christian it applies to me none-the-less. I know at some point yesterday (seriously, I remember doing it) that I made a conscious decision to go ahead and be in a bad mood. And then it spiraled from there.I had a bad day because of me. So, keep that in mind as you go about your day. What is your decision going to be? Are you going to be happy and praise God or are you going to be angry, upset, sad, discouraged, disappointed, etc. etc. etc... From personal experience, you'd think it'd feel better to vent and scream at the world but in the end, today I find I only feel remorse and slightly defeated. I believe I let the devil win yesterday, but I don't want to give in to that same thing again today. I don't have to, and neither do you. God loves you, He wants better for you than what the devil offers. I know when I look back on the past month, every day with Jesus, was far sweeter than the one I allowed the devil to own. God chose you, choose God back now.


J. W. Poteet II said...

Ok, so in your last post you mentioned not promptly obeying God's urge to do something. So yesterday, I talked to you and hung up thinking, "man, she sounds like the most depressed person ever." And I felt like I should do something about it, but I was busy and didn't get around to it. Now I'm sorry I didn't. Who knows when I may get that chance again. So you're not the only one. Also, to plug my own blog :) This sounds like the expectations I talked about.

Dazzler's Domain said...

Jeanette, sorry you had such a bad day. I try to keep positive, but at the end of a work day, dealing w/ rude and angry customers... I'll admit, I just want to scream.

God bless :)